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Artist statement

I am both a two and three-dimensional artist. After traveling and visiting many Tiki bar destinations in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and Southern and Northern California, and beginning the process of creating a Tiki room in our own home, I found that I had become a Polynesian Pop mug collector. My educational roots as an artist are grounded in sculpture, and like many before me, I thought I could design mugs too. Acknowledging all the great fine art, and lowbrow art sculptors before me, I hope to contribute to this fantastical world of Polynesian Pop.

As an artist, I am not a strict Tiki traditionalist. I am intrigued by modern Tiki/Polynesian Pop culture and its origins, from Tiki gods that fend off evil or bring blessings, to monsters and mermaids, to the art of Tiki bars old and new. I honor the cultures and geography that have inspired it: Polynesia, Easter Island, Hawai’i, Papua New Guinea, etc. To me, Polynesian Pop represents escape, mystery, exploration, celebration, acknowledging our tribal roots, and most of all fun.