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Artist statement

Wolf, “I am both a two and three-dimensional artist. After traveling and visiting many Tiki bar destinations in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and Southern and Northern California, and beginning the process of creating a Tiki room in our own home, I found that I had become a Polynesian Pop mug collector. My educational roots as an artist are grounded in sculpture, and like many before me, I thought I could design mugs too. Acknowledging all the great fine art, and lowbrow art sculptors before me, I hope to contribute to this fantastical world of Polynesian Pop.”

Carol, “I am a fabric artist, inspired to create images with cloth. When my husband Wolf and I created our Tiki room, it seemed only fitting to create a wall hanging for it. My pieces are made up of small pieces of fabric, and are either finished in an applique style, or sealed with tulle netting.”

As artists, we are not strict Tiki traditionalists. We are intrigued by modern Tiki/Polynesian Pop culture and its origins, from Tiki gods that fend off evil or bring blessings, to monsters and mermaids, to the art of Tiki bars old and new. We honor the cultures and geography that have inspired it: Polynesia, Easter Island, Hawai’i, Papua New Guinea, etc. To us, Polynesian Pop represents escape, mystery, exploration, celebration, acknowledging our tribal roots, and most of all fun.